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  Transformational Leadership  

Business leaders need to recognize that organizations go through two different types of change: transactional and transformational.


Transactional or evolutionary changes are those in which one or more features of the organization changes, but the organization's underlying character and culture remains untouched. Transformational changes, on the other hand, are revolutionary and sweeping, in that they fundamentally alter the very nature of the organization itself. Each type of change calls for a different type of leadership.


In this workshop, participants learn the specific behaviors associated with transformational leadership and build strategies for building these behaviors into their leadership repertoire. After identifying different transactional and transformational leadership behaviors, they learn the necessary conditions for transformational leadership to be effective. Next, participants develop action plans for engaging in effective behaviors, and learn how to avoid common leadership pitfalls. Finally, they learn to implement organizational systems to encourage and sustain transformational leadership.

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