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This is what we do! Let our professionals craft your site while you run your business.

The bottom line…With all the “free” templates available today, one might be tempted to believe that DIY cannot be that difficult. Right? Wrong!

We work with many companies that come to us after hours of frustration and lost productivity. We work with those clients to understand their goals and deliver technological sound, expandable, functional, and creative websites. And we deliver sites the give you a substantial and quick return on investment.

Let’s talk benefits of work with a great design company…

Make a Positive First Impression

You offer the best service and products available, but if your website does not look appealing, you will lose potential clients in seconds.

Customized for Quality

We know can be tempting to use pre-defined templates to try and save time and money. Easiest in this case does not mean best. You want your clients to know you represent quality then you must have a unique, customized site.

Technological Sound

Speed and security must be a top priority. Ever go to site that did not load in seconds? Did you stay? Probably not. What about visiting a site and seeing that it is not secure or has outdated security certificates? And there is the dreaded Page Not Found? You need your clients and potential clients to feel confident in using your site to find reliable information, communicate, and maybe even conduct e-commerce.

Understands Trends in Design

Unless you are professional web designer, you probably are not aware of the technologies for web design. Mobile, for example, represents the largest and most expanding market of users. What does that mean to you? Your website must be responsive. Responsive websites adjust to a variety of different devices and screen sizes of all sizes and shapes.

SEO Friendly

You built the slickest website you have are seen, but it gets very few visitors and needs SEO. If your site is not SEO optimized it will not appear on the first pages of Google, and you will lose potential clients and revenue. SEO is a sophisticated process, and often template-based or poorly designed websites cannot be optimized for SEO leaving you with no choice but to start over. 

Where do you begin?

Call us for a free consultation. Your time is valuable. Let us draw on our many years of experience to create a stunning website for your company.

Some of the elements of Website Design that we will discuss include:

  1. Determining your goals as organization such as brand awareness, product and service launches, client retention through customer service, and more
  2. Understanding your competitive environment
  3. Reviewing your brand guidelines and visual components
  4. Discussing available features such as social media, blogs, chat, video, and e-commerce
  5. Planning for SEO using analytical data to determine which search terms deliver the best results for your company
  6. Exploring lead generation ideas, and how leads are tracked
  7. A high-level discussion of functionality including architecture including any needed backend databases or payment gateways

Website Maintenance and Hosting

We offer a comprehensive suite of customized maintenance and hosting options. We offer pay as you need services as well as maintenance packages.

Why Bachmann Global?

  • We are geeks at heart. Analytics and technology driven Integrated approaches are what we do.
  • We are also Creative, Imaginative, and Artistic. Our content writers create analytics-drive, soulful messaging that will catch a looker’s eye.
  • We are Thought leaders and Innovators who never shy away from testing new and upcoming features. With offices in the US and India, we are quite literally working will others are asleep. Your competitor makes a move. We will see it and counter before business starts the next day.
  • Our team of experienced experts and thought leaders in the digital marketing and business consulting believe strongly in delivering results.
  • All our solutions are customized to fit your goals and objectives.

A sample of our satisfied clients

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