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At Bachmann Global, we are passionate about Return on Investment for your marketing dollars.

Our experts strategize, execute, and optimize ROI-based Search Engine Marketing campaigns. We work with your company’s goals and objectives which might include:

  • Sales Revenue Targets
  • Lead Generation
  • Client Acquisition
  • Web Traffic
  • Advertising Cost as a portion of Sales Revenue

Did you know? Sponsored ads section on search engines generate anywhere between 60% to 65% of traffic to a given web site? Are your products, services and/or brand well positioned with the right messaging on search engines when your customer are looking for information?

Through Search Engine Marketing we control the message. Therein lies the magic. We determine the combination of keywords, ad copies, device targeting, geographic targeting, demo graphic targeting, budget control, day parting options and more that will result in your ads being delivered to the right potential customer when they are looking for your products and or services.

We love a challenge. Before launching any campaign, we analyze your markets to determine critically important factors such as:

  • intent of the search users
  • dynamics of your audience segment
  • relevancy of the keywords to achieve the desired outcome
  • competitor positioning on search engines
  • keyword search trends

Why Bachmann? Our secret sauce.

  • With offices in the US and India, we are quite literally working while others are asleep. Your competitor makes a move. We will see it and counter before business starts the next day.
  • Our team of experienced experts and leaders within the digital marketing industry and business consulting service believes strongly in delivering results.
  • All our solutions are customized to fit your goals and objectives.
  • 100% ROI based campaign planning, strategy, and execution with real time optimizations
  • We are geeks at heart. Analytics and technology driven Integrated approaches are what we do.
  • We are also Creative, Imaginative, and Artistic. Our content writers create analytics-drive, soulful messaging that will catch a looker’s eye.
  • We are Thought leaders and Innovators who never shy away from testing new and upcoming features.

Pay Per Click Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEM?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Think of this as the overall strategy for success. We work with you and determine which pay for client acquisition platforms best match your overall goals.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to buy position while you build organically (more about this later).

Now, we are sure you have seen these ads particularly on Google when you search for a product. You probably have also had several agencies call to tell you how they can increase your business through PPC.

Successful PPC campaigns are thoughtful and creative. They use the best in analytics, client targeting, and innovative ad design to deliver qualified potential clients, the true measure of success, to you.

How does PPC marketing work?

PPC advertising is bid based.

  1. We work with you to select the keywords most frequently searched by your customers to find you.
  2. We write ads to attract your potential clients to click on your ad. These ads combine creative writing and in-depth knowledge about what makes people interested.
  3. We format the ads to maximize the opportunity to be served up at the top of the page. We use the latest in Google Ad formats including video, shopping, call only, and app promotion.

Why should you care about PPC?

Here is the deal. If you need to quickly build your business and generate revenue while you execute your long-term goals, this is the answer. PPC is:

  • The fastest way to advertise for clients.
  • Cost-effective is managed properly. You can increase or decrease spending immediately with one click.
  • Allows you to remarket to potential clients that did not convert on their first visit.

If you are still wondering, the benefits of PPC include the following:

  • Direct advertising to interested potential clients
  • Immediate results, simply the fastest way to generate new business
  • Targeted ads meaning money not wasted on those not interested
  • Reach the right people at the right time. When they are searching!
  • Realtime measures of success and ROI
  • Budget controls and maximum flexibility
  • You only pay when a potential client clicks your ads.

Launched geo targeted campaigns, bought brand terms at lower cost, bought core service specific terms with city names, geo-targeted GA, used CUSTOM AUDIENCE feature for re-targeting, served highly relevant and engaging ads through Gmail via un-obstructive display ad format, and dialled in demographics such as locations, interests, keywords, demographics and more.

Feature Client: The Cochran Firm Atlanta

Clicks Generated: 21,963

Leads Received 4,602

Campaigns launched 33

Ads written and launched 725

Keywords managed 1,797

Desktop Ad Example:

Mobile Ad Example:

Feature Client: Blue Med Center and Spa

Clicks Generated: 35,000

Total Phone Calls – 603

Total Website Leads (form submission) – 1026

Total Live Chats – 90

Total Leads – 1719

Campaigns launched 25

Ads written and launched 163

Keywords managed 2,844

Desktop Ad Example:

Mobile Ad Example: