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  Principles of Leadership  

Among the more commonly cited causes of organizational ineffectiveness are the management practices and leadership styles of those who hold supervisory positions in the organization. Ineffective leadership approaches can lead to diminished employee motivation, reduced productivity, lower morale, increased absenteeism and high employee turnover.


In order for employees to deliver their best performance, they need the right type of coaching and guidance from their managers. And just as there is no one leadership style that works for every manager, research has shown that managers must also adapt their leadership styles to the needs of each individual employee.


In this hands-on workshop, managers, supervisors and team leaders assess their individual leadership approaches, identify their own personal leadership strengths and challenges, and learn the primary characteristics of effective leaders. Participants then learn to recognize the individual characteristics of their direct reports and the need to employ different types of leadership with different people. Next, participants identify the functions needed by leaders to perform these various leadership styles. Finally, they assess their own abilities to perform these functions and create appropriate action plans for developing and using them.

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