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  Performing On Purpose: Applying Olympic Tools for Optimal Performance™  

Today's competitive workplaces require optimal levels of performance, resulting in constant pressure. "Corporate athletes," just as elite athletes, must exercise precision and stamina.

  • Do you understand the sources of energy that support motivation and optimal performance?
  • How can apply the concepts of "full engagement" and "mindfulness" to common work situations in order to produce the results that you want?
  • How can the mental skills of Olympic athletes enhance productivity and help your organization achieve world class results?
We understand that the mental skills of elite athletes transfer easily to the challenge of high performance in the workplace. The well-established tenets of sports psychology and physiology, combined with insights from world-class competitive athletes, can guide leaders, managers and employees to optimal performance in business environments.
Employees must manage their four main energy sources - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in order to achieve performance optimization. When leaders struggle with low spiritual and mental focus or cannot quickly and efficiently recover any of the four energies they are less efficient in meeting demands and ultimately less effective. This will, in turn, impacts our employees, as leaders are stewards of the organization's energy.
What are the benefits of Performing on Purpose?
  • personal sustainability
  • increased engagement
  • reduced turnover
  • increased productivity
As we all know, the cost of health care to companies continues to rise - $150 billion dollars a year is spent on stress related illnesses/claims, and 75-90% of outpatient visits to physicians are stress related.
Stress leads to employee disengagement/absenteeism, loss of productivity and turnover, a huge cost to your organization. Using the mental skills of elite athletes in the workplace aids to clarify demands, focus attention, and recovery energy enables leaders and employees to be more productive and less stressed.
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