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  Navigating the Paradox of Leadership™  

Every day, leaders have to live on the continuum that falls between visionary and do-it-now. They have to sort out whether something is a problem to be solved or a situation to be managed. They have to see things from the company's point of view and the other person's - the employee, the customer, or the vendor.
Paradox is defined as a seemingly contradictory statement or concept in which both options may be held true simultaneously. In Navigating the Paradox of Leadership, we provide tools for expanding leaders' problem solving "peripheral vision" which enables them to see more solutions or management options. Additionally, leaders learn to find the appropriate balance between optimism and skepticism allowing for action and resulting in good decisions.
Who Should Participate?

  • Leaders
What Your Employees Will Learn:
  • To increase their mental flexibility so they have a greater range of options in any situation.
  • To navigate the conflicts and contradictions.
  • To identify whether an issue is a problem to solve or a situation to manage.
How Your Organization Will Benefit:
  • Leaders will learn how to successfully navigating paradox enabling them to strategically lead others, optimizing organizational results and adjusting to the demands of global change.
  • The organization will learn when to quit analyzing and begin acting. The results are well-considered, timely decisions that work.
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