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  Creating Successful Project Management Teams™  

Organizations constantly create new functional, cross-functional and project teams. Some even structure their entire organization around teams. Yet teams are often created without giving team members the tools needed for effective teamwork. Then, if the teams don't succeed, the organization may conclude that a team approach doesn't work.
In order to succeed, team members must understand what it means to be interdependent and collaborative. They must have the requisite skills for the team to thrive. This course provides participants with the building blocks for team success.
Who Should Participate?

  • Employees working in teams
What Your Employees Will Learn:
  • To understand the role of personality styles on group efforts.
  • To recognize the essential factors contributing to successful collaborative project relationships.
  • To build trust and create an environment conducive to effective teamwork.
  • To capitalize on individual team member differences.
  • To lead through influence rather than authority.
  • To practice emotional intelligence helping to create successful collaborative relationships.
  • To give and receive feedback to/from other team members.
  • To assess the team's level of effectiveness.
How Your Organization Will Benefit:
  • Employee satisfaction will increase when work teams function more effectively.
  • Superior team decisions will be made and better solutions to organizational problems will be found.
  • The organization will reap the full benefits of structuring work around teams.
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