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We offer a full range of courses designed to help your organization improve its effectiveness. Do you seek an off-the-shelf solution which can be quickly implemented? Do you need the guidance of experienced instructional designers in order to develop a customized course?


Whatever your needs, Bachmann Global Associates stands ready to help with a variety of courses aimed at developing individual competencies, promoting team effectiveness and/or enhancing organizational performance.

  We invite you to browse among our varied courses.  
Performing on Purpose: Applying Olympic Tools for World-Class Performance™
Today's competitive workplaces require optimal levels of performance, resulting in constant pressure. "Corporate athletes," just as elite athletes, must exercise precision and stamina.
Negotiating Paradox as a Leadership Skill
Every day, leaders have to live on the continuum that falls between visionary and do-it-now.
  Leveraging Talent for "Choose-to" Performance
The performance of individuals in your organization depends largely on the approach to which the organization's leaders subscribe and greatly affects motivation.
  Principles of Leadership
A hands-on workshop, managers, supervisors and team leaders.
  Creating Successful Project Management Teams™
In order to succeed, team members must understand what it means to be interdependent and collaborative.
  Transformational Leadership
Change that is revolutionary and sweeping requires talented leaders.
  Getting the Right People on the Bus
Retention rates and productivity improve when you hire the right person for the job the first time.

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