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Account Executive
You must be able to expand our market reach, revenue, or membership base in ways that make the most of our resources and capabilities. Account Executives are responsible for executing our company strategy. You must be or become an expert in our field of work. Establishing and maintaining a wide-reaching customer base will be your primary responsibility. We seek candidates with outstanding listening, questioning and service skills.


Besides previous experience in the business world, we want people who are problem solvers, creative thinkers, good communicators, and who have a keen understanding of and interest in business. Candidates with experience in the industry are desired. We solve problems for companies large and small, profit and non-profit ventures, government and educational organizations. You must possess the ability to work closely with our internal team and the client organization. You need to be skilled at problem definition, analysis and intervention.


If you are an independent contractor that is interested in working with Bachmann Global on an as needed basis, please let us know.

Forward your resume and pertinent information to: careers@BachmannGlobal.com
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