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Is your leadership "bench" prepared to get in the game to create and support performance optimization in your organization?
Seamless leadership transitions happen when organizations practice well developed succession planning processes. We work with you to create customized systems that enable you to identify and develop future leaders, middle managers, and executives as well as help your senior leaders prepare for retirement.
The steps to creating a succession planning process include:
1. Analysis
We work to develop a solid understanding of the challenges your organization and its industry face, now and in the future. We help you identify the skills and experiences that new and experienced executive leaders need to lead your organization.
2. Selection
We share well developed methods for evaluating leaders which include: suitability and job fit, eligibility assessment, performance evaluation, and interviewing methods. You select leaders for specific job assignments that are appropriate for their current developmental level.
3. Development
A great deal can be done in two to four years to develop leaders at all levels, whether it involves managing just a few people, rotations in different functional areas, or international assignments in order to get them ready for the increasingly complex leadership assignments. We draw on years of experience in developing competency-based development curriculums.
4. Transition
A best-practices transition focuses on two things:

  1. The on-boarding process
  2. The first 6-12 months
The leaders must have clarity regarding the immediate and anticipated demands. The On-boarding process must get them up to speed quickly. The coaching plan for the first 6 months to a year should be in place. We understand that providing a coach offers a supportive and apolitical resource that helps the leader continue to do the personal work necessary to effectively meet the demands of the job.
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