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Organizational Culture
Corporate culture comprises structure, systems, events, persons and things within an organization. At its core are the values, assumptions and ideologies of the corporation. Essentially, it is how people do things. It includes subcultures such as sales, manufacturing and information technology. Organizational culture defines the uniqueness of the organization and serves the organization's identity.

Do you need a cultural assessment?
A Culture Audit is an assessment of the existing culture of your business - its strengths and weaknesses. Culture Audits measure such attributes as risk tolerance, degree of hierarchy, reward structure, collaboration, values and innovation vs. adaptation.

Do you need to modify or align your culture?
We can assist you in modifying any aspect of your organization's culture. We accomplish this goal by first "processing" your culture and then working with you to understand the impact that goal setting and strategy can have on your organization. This helps you determine what is culturally feasible.

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