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  Harrison Assessments (HA) Job Selection and Development System  

This extraordinary new approach to assessing behavioral competencies has exceeded the predictive accuracy levels of previously developed methods by more than three times! Based upon worldwide job performance research, the system can be customized to screen for the exact requirements of any position enabling companies to select and retain top performers. The HA system is the most advanced system of its kind and yet it is simple to administer and operate.

  • Contains six tests integrated into one result
  • Personality/Motivation assessment
  • Task preferences inventory
  • Work environment preferences
  • Interest inventory
  • Values inventory
  • Personal honesty assessment
  • Measures up to 130 different traits
  • Has 50 generic templates within the system
  • Includes the most sophisticated lie detection mechanism available
  • Can be customized for any position
  • Takes only 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire
  • Takes less than two minutes to compile results
Uses of the Harrison Assessment:
  1. Interview And Job Selection Tool
  2. Employee Development Tool
  3. Career Pathing
  4. Succession Planning
  5. Teambuilding
  6. Research And Assessment Tool
Numerous money saving benefits:
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced employee turnover costs
  • Select the right person the first time
  • Assesses suitability (behavioral competencies/organizational fit)
  • Pinpoint the behavioral development requirements for each employee
Our clients report a 10-50% reduction of employee turnover as a result of using the HA system. Studies on average estimate the cost of employee turnover to be equal to 1 to 2 times their annual salary.
Find employees who:
  • Are aligned with the organizational goals and needs of the company
  • Lead and work effectively with other employees
  • Generate higher customer satisfaction
  • Take the initiative and make smart decisions
  • Enjoy their work and commit to getting results
Eight areas constitute suitability:
  1. Task requirements
  2. Work environment
  3. Decision-making style
  4. Interests
  5. Attitudes
  6. Interpersonal communication style
  7. Personality balance
  8. Motivation
Based on two theories:
Enjoyment-Performance Theory
   We tend to do the things we enjoy and thus, get better at them, and avoid the things we do not enjoy, thus not getting better at them.
Paradox theory
   "Opposites" theory of the mind - complementary traits
Types of reports generated:
  1. Behavioral Impact Graph
  2. Behavioral Narrative
  3. Interviewing Guide
  4. How To Attract This Candidate
  5. Group Screening
  6. Team Reports (Paradox Graph And Main Graph)
  7. How To Manage Report
  8. Developing Success Traits
  9. Main Graph And Interpretation
  10. Trait Hierarchy
  11. Summary And Key Words
  12. Paradox Graph And Narrative
  13. Career Development Report
  14. Career Options Report
  15. Career Suitability Graph
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