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Filling a vacancy with the very best candidate is difficult to accomplish but vital for organizational success. Our consultants are trained in the latest recruitment and interviewing techniques and can develop and implement recruitment strategies, processes and programs that will enhance your selection process.


Consider the upfront expense that goes into filling an open position (including advertising and recruitment costs), time spent arranging and conducting interviews, and candidate travel and lodging. Now think about all the negative long-term cost implications of hiring the wrong person, such as decreased productivity and increased errors while a poor performer is on the job; dissatisfied customers who may not give you a second chance; and poor morale as others struggle to pick up the slack. These problems translate into thousands of lost dollars.


Bachmann Global can help you avoid these costs by teaching you how to consistently hire and promote top performers. When you do, turnover drops, individual and group performance improves, and your organization builds a strong and agile workforce that can solve problems, change with the times and meet organization wide goals.


Behavior-based recruiting, just one recruitment technique, is a proven and accurate selection method used extensively throughout the US and Europe. Thousands of leading companies from every type of industry have used behavior-based recruiting to hire and promote their staff. Let us introduce you to the method and teach you how to implement behavior-based recruiting in your organization.

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