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Developing an employee-training curriculum can be overwhelming. How do you assure the curriculum balances the right amount of technical skill and product knowledge training with the equally important management, team and customer service skills your employees need? And how can you ensure that your employees will be able to apply all of their new skills in a seamless, integrated manner?


Our curriculum planning consultants utilize proven methodology that achieves results. We have years of experience designing new-hire and ongoing corporate training curricula that range from one week to 18 months. Let us help you put the pieces of your curriculum puzzle together.


We will work with you to identify the major content areas that must be addressed and estimate the classroom hours required for each. Then we will develop the behavioral objectives and key learning points for each of those content areas. Finally, we'll design a model training agenda for you, where each day has the right balance of content, practice activities, and fun to keep your trainees engaged and actively learning.

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